Friday, January 2, 2009


I forgot to share with everyone the most unusual thing we have ever gotten for Christmas. Are you ready?

A cow. A REAL cow.

But- hold on- only PART of a REAL cow.

When we opened the paperwork, I thought, "Wow, we get free milk for life!" Then I was told it was not a good idea to name the cow. OOOhhh. Oops.

We will receive FIFTY POUNDS of beef, courtesy of our cow, in February. And although our cow will be no more, there will be our deep freezer. How cool is that?!

So although I won't have milk for life, we will have steak on the grill!

Anyone have any good recipes?


Whitney said...

awww. I was getting excited! I've always wanted a little cow! I'd name her BlueBelle.

Unfortunately I don't have any recipes, since I don't eat red meat, but best of luck devouring your 50lbs of beef!

I love your polyvore thing! I totally want that Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

The Carters said...

Anytime I think about someone buying a side of beef I think of Lucy & Ethel buying a whole cow and them hiding it in the apartment furnace :) That really is a cool gift you got!