Friday, January 9, 2009


First let me start by saying that I didn't think I'd have a great photo opportunity today...but I guess with a family of five, that's just not a realistic expectation!
* Our kids love the trampoline. Someone is always on it after school- sometimes all three of them are on it after school. Warm, cold. Sun, rain. (I'm serious about the rain- they begged me once, and I said yes...I know, I know...) This is actually our second trampoline; the first lasted two years, but this trampoline is falling apart after only one. I think they'd go stir-crazy if they couldn't jump. My two year old nephew comes over just to jump.
* Five Guys Burgers & Fries was callin' our names tonight! The kids said, "Are you REALLY gonna take a picture??"
* After burgers we went to our addiction- B&N! I'm serious, we all get LOST in that place! It's like going down the rabbit hole or through the wardrobe to another world, we can stay in here wandering and reading FoReVeR...we walked out tonight, one hour and $25 poorer, and all kinda *sighed* as our heads checked back into reality! Oh well, should you expect anything less from two teachers and their offspring?


BeeBopp23 said...

I love five guys!!! Their fries are awesome! I love the pics!

Luann said...

Thank you for visiting my cyber space yes I am a teacher also. I teach special education preschool.

I know what you mean about B and N!

Devonne said...

Loved your blog! Thanks for checking out mine too!

Dawn said...

I love what you wrote about B&N!
Rabbit Hole! I think you have your journaling right there.
Love the pictures, tell your kids yes you really are going to take a

bekster said...

What time were you in B&N? We went there last night too!

Scrapronicity said...

I think I've taken photos of stranger things! LOL Great photos...just perfect!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I think this photo trio is awesome! I'm torn with when I have more than one thing per day that I want to feature. I don't have PhotoShop or any other photo software, so I'm going to be on the single photo a day kick. Anyway, the trio is cool! I love the action, food, and pleasure! Your journaling is great too!!