Monday, January 12, 2009


Special delivery!!!
I've been tracking it for days and knew it was arriving on my doorstep TONIGHT. I was laying in the bed cuddling with Mary E and watching TV when coach sal came and dumped it onto the bed with a smile and said, "I guess I know what YOU'LL be doing the rest of the evening!" I have taken everything out and started sliding my photos in, but I think I'm going to tackle the journaling tomorrow...I'm beat!


Debbi said...

I got mine today too! I didn't even know it was coming, I never got a tracking email, but it was such a good gift today - I was having a monday morning. Thanks for the nice commnet on my preg. picture, I feel huge! I love that now we can fill out our pages and our blog!

ccolopy said...

Mine arrived today too!!

Devonne said...

I haven't got mine yet! I am so jealous! :)

Scrapronicity said...

OOOh...nice!! Enjoy putting everything together...I'm in the "second wave" so I've been told I have one BUT it will take 4 to 6 weeks. Ah well, I'll just have to be patient!

Judi said...

Lucky you!! I'm jelous!!!! I don't know when mine's coming - credit card has been charged but no tracking e-mail yet. Please post some of your pages when you get them done. Can't wait to see them!!!

Shelleycee said...

Hey Ann,

I got your comment about doing the journaling on the computer.
It actually takes a little extra time, but in the end I think I will have less mistakes (sometimes I hate my writing and end up redoing stuff over and over!!).

Anyway, I type it up in word and then print it out on a regular piece of paper. Then I take the journaling card and try to line it up as best I can and I tape it on the paper(top and bottom)..carefully so the tape comes off easily and doesn't tear the card. Then I run it back through the printer, undo the tape and that is it. I am sure there may be an easier way to do it, but I don't know what it is. And I know this is a little tedious, but..

Don't you just love this!! It is a little challenging to figure out what exactly to take a pic of everyday. I would take millions before! LOL!
Have a great day..

Orange Boy said...

Wish I could get that, I was reading about it online, and seemed very cool. But since Croatia is way to far, and the fact they would charge a big fee for sending it, I am going to make my own. I'm gonna find a regular photo album and try to make something out of it. We don't even have scrapbook supplies here so yeah, that sucks. Anyways, I saw u posted a comment on Andy's blog so I decided to check ur blog out. I have an P365 blog ( which is in Croatian, but I stared adding short english journals to it so anyone can understand it. As I did with Andy and Bibiana, I would like to add you to my link list, and write a little about you.

So if you are for it could you email me at What I wanted to ask you is how did you decide to start the P365 blog, is this ur first time doing it? What do you think you will get out of this experience? Anyways, I checked up ur posts, nice and interesting pictures. Your's are a bit more personal then mine, the family and everything. :D Anyways, I hope you answer. I'm glad I foudn ur blog.

Marianne said...

Love this photo. I live in Australia and wasn't able to place an order, so am digi scrapping my layouts with the free downloads from Becky's blog. Have posted the layouts I've done so far on my blog.