Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My two and a half year old nephew loves everything about basketball! I guess it's my boys' fault. :o) He is so intent when he watches them play...mesmerized! He watches very seriously every move the players make. My mom and sister have even caught him imitating some of the shots and moves! He doesn't like the buzzer, though, and will cover his ears and jump. He told us last night, "I doin' better about d'at buzzer!"


Greg & Kim said...

Too cute! Aw,sweet Jonah...I'm glad he's doin better about dat buzzer:)

bekster said...

He is a very intense little kid. When I had him yesterday, he kept asking questions about how things work. When I played him a CD through the X-Box, he wanted to know where the sound came from, and when I told him, he was mesmerized by the speakers. He also was very curious about the water cooler and where the water came from. Perhaps we have an emergent engineer? :)