Sunday, July 27, 2008

Disney fun...

Stayin' alive in the i-net world...

I now have a blog AND a Facebook page- go figure, I *must* be SOMEbody important, especially with that much presence in cyberspace.

But it means I have to "update" them- and I'm not so good at that. We have a SSLLOOOWW computer, which half the time barely ALLOWS me into cyberspace. And finding the time? Right now it's easy...but in three weeks...don't EVEN MAKE ME THINK ABOUT what's getting ready to start back up. Ugh. I want to move to where it's summer all the they have school in Tahiti??? promises. But I do have some Disney photos for you!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please pray...

Tricia had CF. She was supposed to get new lungs, then found out that she was pregnant. She and her husband Nate greeted their daughter Gywneth at 23 weeks when Tricia's lungs could give no more, and Tricia fought an uphill battle as she waited for and finally received new lungs. (Gywneth is doing well).

Now Tricia is fighting a new battle- cancer, in the lungs. It happens 10% of the time with transplants, and the newest issue is that she didn't respond to the traditional treatment- the tumors grew and multiplied. So they are getting ready to do heavy duty chemo.

Please pray for these believers...they desire your strength and faith as you turn to the Lord.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We won, we won!

Actually, ME won...TWO American Girl dolls, Kit and Ruthie!!!

We entered a drawing at B&N about a month ago while we were browsing the store (American Girl gives dolls away at B&N stores when new movies or dolls come out)- we saw the two dolls, thought "wow, that would be cool to win, TWO dolls!", filled out the form and put it into the box. Done. The boys even kissed the form for good luck- they reminded me of that today...

Today we get a phone call from B&N from the Public Relations department- I thought about a recent purchase I had made. WRONG! She proceeds to tell me that she's in charge of the American Girl doll drawing...and I yell, "WE WON????" and she says YES! I yell to ME and then SHE starts yelling (the woman on the phone was laughing)- we were SO EXCITED!!! TWO DOLLS! Worth about $200!

So we went to pick them up right away (we got there about 15 minutes after she called) and ME played with them all afternoon. Tonight they sleep in the elaborately plush doll bunks, courtesy of Ms. Margaret...the best doll sleeping arrangements in the house! Next week we go to Atlanta with some of our bestest girlfriends to the American Girl doll store to celebrate ME and her friends S and A's birthdays- we can't wait to take the dolls, it's going to be so fun!
Can you tell that I'm as excited as she is??? :o) If they had had AG dolls when I was a little girl, I'd have been a HUGE fan!