Friday, January 2, 2009

aunt in convertible...

Driving with the top down on January 1st...our version of the Polar Bear Plunge. Bbbrrr.


Greg and Kim said...

Hey Ann,

Just wanted you to know (not that I'm obsessed with Project 365 or anything:)) that I got an email from them this morning. I had emailed them on Jan. 1 b/c I couldn't sign in and see my account, and I wanted to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong. I got a reply from them today saying they had my order and giving me all the details of the price and shipping rate (man, shipping is expensive!). So if you are wanting to know what's up with your order, you might want to try emailing them.

I had already decided I wasn't getting one, and was getting myself pumped about making my own, but this is even better!

Good luck!

Greg and Kim said...

Oh, and that's such a cute picture of your kids!

Lori Fitzgerald said...

Come on, it wasn't that cold! My goal is to get the top down once a week until July...that'll be the one year anniversary of when I got the car. Maybe the new-ness will have worn off by then (I seriously doubt it!)