Sunday, August 19, 2007

Please pray for my friend Cryssy...

She's only about 12 weeks pregnant and is having some serious complications right now...she needs us to pray and to BELIEVE! PRAYER WORKS!

Check her blog for more info and updates

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm on a roll...

Here are 50 more...

51. I've been in over half of the 50 United States.

52. I don't type- I hunt and peck (pretty fast).

53. I LOVE children's books.

54. I have lots of favorites, but I love Where the Wild Things Are and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

55. I have to have my toenails painted at all times.

56. I didn't like coffee until I went to Rome this summer- now I LOVE it.

57. I like washing dishes, not drying.

58. I like folding towels, but not laundry.

59. I used to put my clothes in the dryer on cold mornings when I was a kid- my dad got mad because he said we were wasting electricity.

60. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream, especially Raspberry Cheesecake in a Heath Bar cone from Marble Slab.

61. My favorite season is summer.

62. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I am AN ELF.

63. I love hydrangeas.

64. I was born and raised in Charleston.

65. The only other place I've lived is Columbia.

66. I have a BA in interdisciplinary studies (USC's fancy way of saying BA in education) and a minor in fine arts.

67. I am almost art ed certified.

68. I don't like horses.

69. I DO NOT do roller coasters.

70. I tried to snorkel once and kept hyperventilating. So I just held my breath.

71. I've been on one cruise.

72. I've been across the ocean one time (well, 2x if you count coming back).

73. I've visited 5 of our US National Parks- Carlsbad, Grand Canyon, Sequoia/Kings Canyon, Yellowstone, and Mt. Rushmore. Yellowstone was my fav.

74. I've scrapbooked for almost 10 years.

75. I think I've completed well over 75 albums- I have 45+ of my own, the rest were gifts.

76. I prefer a hot shower over a bubble bath.

77. I hate to be late.

78. I like math and science.

79. Larry likes history.

80. I like to color.

81. I like systems.

82. I read for reference, not for pleasure.

83. I am currently reading Classroom Strategies That Work and The Morning Meeting Book.

84. I tend to wake up to go to the bathroom at 3am and then can't go back to sleep.

85. I tan easily, and it fades quickly.

86. I'm the only one in my house who eats watermelon.

87. I love naps on dark, rainy afternoons.

88. I graduated from high school in '88.

89. I was in a sorority in college.

90. I can sing the Greek alphabet. I learned it from my brother. It came in handy in my sorority.

91. I had a room to myself for only one year of my entire life.

92. I graduated from USC in '92.

93. It's hard to find jeans that fit me well- I am small waisted and wide hipped.

94. I had David in '94.

95. I taught 6th grade math and science at the CC School of the Arts in '95 thru '98.

96. I love pizza.

97. I used to hate Diet Coke. I went on an only-water kick for three months, and I really wanted a soda. I put a Diet Coke in the freezer and drank it on was the best thing I'd ever had. Now I hate Coke.

98. I should read my Bible more.

99. I am forgiven.

100. If I live to be 100, I want to be independent and not a burden on my family.

Wow...that was hard to finish.

off to work we go...

Yes, teachers everywhere are returning to the classrooms this week. It is difficult to leave behind the lazy mornings, beach afternoons, and late night movies, but any great teacher will tell you that we are bitin' at the bit to get back into the classroom at this point. I miss it. I look forward to the systems and organization; the new school supplies; the nicely cleaned desks and pointy sharpened pencils; the empty gradebook; the fresh start.

But what I look forward to most are the kids...their funny sayings and silly smiles and knee-high hugs. Their wonder and mischief and discovery. A list of new names and a sea of new faces., it's not always easy. It's not always fun. But it's always an adventure.

Bear goes to camp...

That sounds like a movie title...

Anyway- my brother and SIL have this bear named Bear. (Let's hope my future nieces/nephews have better luck with names). They take Bear places and take photos of him for fun. Bear got to go to Palmetto Bible Camp with us this June, and we took him on a photo safari one day. So this post is for Becky- enjoy our funny shots!

Bear is lucky, he sleeps in the staff cabin...

The lake at sunset, SOOTC.

Bear chillin' on the staff porch, finishing off a Cheerwine...

Bear feels right at home while at camp...

Bear goes to F-mart, our favorite place to get Cheerwine...

Bear realizes that his mountain cousins also frequent F-mart...

Monday, August 13, 2007

goodbye, summer...

...back to work today...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

all about me...

I've seen this done on a lot of blogs, and I must say that Mary finally inspired me to's 10pm and I'm not really tired, so here it goes (I'll let you know how long this took at the end)...

1. My favorite color is PINK.

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE flamingos.

3. I got a pair of flamingo flip flops today.

4. I own (too) many pairs of black shoes.

5. I watch Stacy and Clinton on Fridays.

6. I used to spiral perm my hair in high school.

7. I would hang my head upside down off my top bunk bed and let my hair air dry for hours.

8. I was married 17 years ago August 4.

9. Larry was my first and only date.

10. I've never been kissed by anyone else but Larry.

11. As a mom, I wanted four boys.

12. When the ultrasound tech told me Mary E was a girl, I didn't believe her.

13. I used to bite my nails, so now they really won't grow well.

14. I was a very anxious child.

15. I knew I wanted to be a teacher in 3rd grade.

16. I didn't like to go to school. I cried every morning through middle school.

17. I danced and sang in show choir in high school, High School Musical style. No joke.

18. I always wanted to be a mom. I loved my doll babies as a child.

19. I asked God to make one of my favorite dolls real. I promised Him I would take good care of it. He finally answered my prayer when Mary E was born, weighing in at 6lbs- my real live baby doll.

20. I loved being pregnant. I was a good pregnant person.

21. Mary E was two weeks early. I knew she was our last. I cried as I folded and put away my maternity clothes because I felt "cheated" out of my last two weeks pregnant.

22. I sew. I used to cross-stitch.

23. I drove my dad's pickup to high school each day, with a tag on it that said, "Lord it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way." I got a lot of grief for that.

24. I am a Disco Queen.

25. I still love the 80s.

26. I listened to Love Shack and U Can't Touch This when I worked out at the gym this morning.

27. I was voted Most Likely To Succeed in high school.

28. I tried out for the cheerleading squad in high school, but didn't make it.

29. I am a people person.

30. I like to talk, and I talk fast.

31. I'm a night owl.

32. I've been told I have nice feet.

33. I had never mown a lawn until just last year.

34. I love the beach. I wish I could live there.

35. I want to own an RV when we retire.

36. My favorite flower is a carnation.

37. I was baptized when I was almost 11.

38. I love chocolate.

39. I tend to be extremely organized.

40. I can handle dirt. I can not handle chaos.

41. I'm not always a good listener. Remember #30?

42. I love old houses.

43. I'm nostalgic.

44. I love to take photos.

45. I have to sleep on the right side of a bed. (if you're looking at it, the right side)

46. I'm not into expensive jewelry. Larry's lucky.

47. I love Bed Head massages at Urban Nirvana.

48. Rubbing my head puts me to sleep.

49. I love staying at a Westin, they have THE BEST beds.

50. I made David and I matching outfits for his first birthday party. They didn't come out so well...

That took me about 25 minutes. Next 50 later. Those last few are making me tired...and can you tell who's reading over my shoulder??

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sorry it's been so long...

...I finally got all my summer photos out of my camera, onto my computer and backed-up onto CD! So these are from Mullet Hall...