Saturday, February 18, 2012

faith...{certain of what we do not see}

i cross this bridge every day.  i look forward to the artistic display of God each morning as i drive across, and this is what i witnessed one day.

fog.  deep, thick, immense.  flooding my vision.

the bridge was not seen.  yet i kept driving.


i drove because i have been here before.  i remember what is there.  and i am i certain that it is still there, holding me up.  even though i can not see.

i see runners coming across from the opposite direction.  with each footstep, they say, "go, it is there, you know that.  i've been there, too.  you will be ok...".

faith is like that fog.  we know that He is there.  we've been this path before.  friends remind us of our journeys, their journeys.  so why are we so hesitant?  why will i drive across that bridge, but so quickly fail to see my Lord in times of fog?

build my faith, Lord, that as i cross through the waters to you, i will not lose my vision...hebrews 11:1...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

in all things...{billboards, too}

so as i was traveling down the interstate towards school one morning last week, i was sharing with God just how frustrated i was with myself. 

with my inability to focus on His word.
with my apathy towards prayer.
with my lack of discipline in my spiritual life.

i was crying out to my Father for reassurance as i was flying down the road at 60 mph, but going nowhere.

and as i looked up, He spoke to me through billboards.  four billboards, one right after another. 
{no joke, so don't laugh.}

i have no photos, so words will have to explain...

first...a beautiful collection of blue butterflies, taking said "transformed".

second...a crumpled piece of paper on one half of the billboard, which said "before"...and a smooth, wrinkle-free sheet on the other half that said "after". half of the billboard showed a boy's hands playing a video game.  the other half showed the boy's hands holding a turtle.  and it said "unplug".

fourth and final...the words "get insulated".

words from God where i needed them, fast and furious glimpes on the highway.
telling me i am His.  i am worthy.  i am not of this world.
reminding me i am loved.  i am new.  i am capable of breaking free.

"teach me your way, oh Lord, that i may trust in you; give me an undivided heart that i may fear your name..." ps 86:11