Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I finally have an interview on Friday with a CCSD principal- WOOHOO!

I am SO excited that I am finally going to be given the chance to TALK to someone about my teaching experiences.

PLEASE PLEASE pray for me that I will present myself well and that God opens doors that need to be opened and closes those that need to be closed- I want to be where HE wants me!

Thanks- I'll keep you posted (haha)...

Young at heart....

My brother Tommy and his wife Becky and Larry and I went to hear some good friends of ours play some AWESOME MUSIC the other night (only because they played at 9pm, which is before my bedtime). Larry teaches with John Seymour, the lead guitarist, vocalist, and song writer for The Fire Apes (and I know him from high school) and with Hugh Knight, the keyboardist. John and Hugh charade the campus as middle school math and music teachers (AND XC/track coaches with Larry), respectively. We've decided they are really ROCK STARS in disguise! They are being looked at by the *big dogs* and so we have been to their last two shows for support (and because we like their music!), with another coming up this Wednesday. But I must say, it reminds me of middle school Duran Duran groupies, who followed *the band* everywhere they went. And when Larry and I were in college we were Hootie groupies, following them on weekends just to hear them play "Hold My Hand"- and HEY, look where they are now!! I can only hope some it rubs off on The Fire Apes! Go check them out- you can listen to a few of their "British Invasion style" tunes on their website.

And the COOLEST thing about going the other night??? I WAS CARDED!!! Ok, wait, let me backup...the band, of course, played in a restaurant bar- I say restaurant because I actually sat at a table and ordered off a menu. So they were checking IDs as you came in, and the guy looked at Larry (poor dude) and said, "You're fine, but sorry, miss, I need to see your ID..." Here's what followed...
"Are you SERIOUS?"
"Yeh, sorry..."
"Don't be sorry, cause I LOVE YOU!"
He looks at ID- then at me- and says something about never thinking I was much older than 21!!! IS THAT AWESOME OR WHAT?!?!?!
And just so you know, cause I'm not afraid to tell you, I am 36- I LOOK 15 YEARS YOUNGER THAN I AM!!! WOOHOO! I was feelin' pretty good all night, and the next day, and the next day...

SO- whomever it is out there in Google World that thinks my hair needs help...CARD ME, BABY!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

All news to me!

I was browsing blogs and came across a little game that someone started on their blog and seems to be spreading around- it seemed pretty funny, so I gave it a try. Here's what you do- google your first name with the word "needs" behind it, all in quotes. Up pops a list of things *you* "need"! (Remember to watch out for the not-so-nice websites- be careful and don't *click* on any, just read what pops up.)

Never knew that...

1. Ann needs a spanking. (This WAS in reference to a CHILD, thank you!)

2. Ann needs to pray for Rhonda and her baby. (Yikes! I don't think I even know anyone named Rhonda???...)

3. Ann needs to get some Revlon's Cherries in the Snow, the ho's lipstick of choice. (WELL...once again, no comment.)

4. Ann needs help. (...sigh...)

5. Ann needs something shoulder-length with layers. Her long locks add years to her face and it's clear she doesn't know how to maximize it stylistically. ... (I thought everybody LIKED my hair long???...)

6. Ann needs a key.

7. Ann needs a new tricycle.

8. Ann needs instruction in a reading program.

9. Ann needs to talk to Kim regarding summer and winter forecasts. (Who ARE all these people???)

10. Ann needs to be taken with a gigantic grain of salt. (I think THAT says it all! LOL!)

11. Ann needs to find her inner-child.

12. Ann needs to call her accountant because someone's been skimming her checks. (I KNEW I wasn't making enough money!)

13. Ann needs to come to the deep south. (HeeeLLLOOOO! I'm already here!)

14. Ann needs to “practice what she preaches”. (This is not looking so good...)

15. Ann needs to stop talking so much. (Ok already!)

16. Ann needs a device to help with communication. (I can't help but see some sort of weird connection with 15 and 16...)

17. Ann needs a home that she can call her own.

18. Ann needs her own laptop computer. (YES!!! I'll show this one to Larry.)

19. Ann needs to decide what is right for her and when it is right.

20. Ann needs an alibi to justify her absence over weekends. (I'M HERE!!! How many more times do I have to tell you???)

Try it and let me know when you post to your blog...I hope your needs are *prettier* than mine...

OH- and yes, I cried yesterday. When my first little fellow wrapped his arms around me and said "Bye, Ms. Ann", I lost it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tomorrow is the last day...


BUT...I will SOOOO miss them! I will miss their smiling faces, their grubby hands, their leg-hugs, their laughter, their *funny* jokes (and believe me, four year olds tell some pretty interesting ones, that's what makes them SO GOOD), their very detailed stories, their "I love you, Ms. Ann"s....

I am SOOOO gonna cry tomorrow when they sing for the parents...there is nothing quite like a group of teeny-timy voices singing their hearts out...

As one of my students said last year (loudly), "YAH! NO MORE SCHOOL! I AM SO NOT GONNA MISS SCHOOL!....(then a little quieter)...oh, but I will miss YOU Ms. Ann!"

Big hug.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A job, a job....

Well, here's my random thought for today...


Ok...I feel a little better now. Been wanting to tell you all for DAYS, but dumb blogger wouldn't let me in!!!

Story- I decided in February that it was time for me to go back to full-time teaching this fall. Number of reasons- I felt ready after 3 years of part-time; the kids are 13, 10 and almost 8, which means for the most part they are self-sufficient (yes, ladies, it DOES get easier!); but the biggest reason? We're tired of no financial wiggle-room. NONE. Zero. Zip. We have lived on basically one teacher salary for TEN years (since Jacob was born and I wanted to stay home) and it gets harder and harder every year. We also currently have no debt except the house, and I know now WHY people get credit cards when they live paycheck to paycheck. Now don't get me wrong, I've LOVED EVERY MINUTE and wouldn't trade my time with my children for anything- nor do I wish my husband was the lawyer he said he was going to be when I'd already signed up for the long haul (JK!JK!JK! I LOVE that we are teachers together and have OUR WHOLE SUMMER OFF! sorry ya'll). But there are a lot of big things we need to do before we pay for college in FIVE YEARS...ok, I just died.

SOOOO...I have been beating the CCSD streets with NO LUCK, no calls, no interviews. I know it has been 10 years since I taught full-time and taught in public school, but I thought we needed teachers, and by golly, I think I'm pretty good!!! And I just did a "clearance" interview with Berkeley and Dorchester, and they said that that probably IS hurting me, along with the fact that the NCLB Act has taken away my 1st and 6th-8th grade certifications. What that means is that my experience right now is in 6th math/science and K4 K5- BUT I'm not eligible to teach those grades b/c I'm elementary certified, which is 2nd-5th!!! UGH! So it is really affecting my opportunity to get hired.

SOOOO...I knew I needed to take 2 classes at CoC this fall to be early childhood certified...and I thought if I didn't find a job I would sub...AND I was a bit worried about taking classes AND trying to teach AND learning all the new 'ropes" of the public school system...so today I think I may have HIT on an idea- taking a teacher assistant position!!! I would have a job; it would pay twice as much as I make now AND have benefits; and I could take my 2 courses to be certified AND learn the "ropes" at the same time!

My prayer is that I find a job and that it's where GOD wants me...I make the plans, but HE gets to carry them out. And that's the hard part. I've prayed for peace...patience (*cringe*)...a job sooner rather than later so I can get ready over the summer...but I pray most that He puts me where He wants me, b/c I know wherever HE puts me will be an AWESOME JOB! And in the words of my bestest friend, "Hey, girl, your job just isn't available yet!!".

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! And I will keep you posted...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Another teaching thought...or two...

Larry and I were talking about this the other day...

When you're a teacher, you have to be "on" all day. Every day. No matter what you feel like or want to do. Like, sometimes, I wish I could just sit. That doesn't happen. I mean, I DO sit sometimes, but I'm still working with a child on handwriting, or doing artwork, and I'm STILL having to monitor the room mood and be sure everyone else is engaged- nicely. Our brains are actively engaged at all times, even if it's just assessing the room mood. You never stop, you never shut down. If you did, you'd for sure lose your job, if not your students, which leads me to the next thought...

As teachers, we don't work for just one boss. I have a director, yes, but I also have 10 kids and 20 parents and a State Dept. Of Education, and sometimes some of us have principals and vice principals and fellow teachers and other students' parents and school boards and PTAs and parent councils and...get it? There is always someone who is looking to see if you do your job, not just well, but effectively. And you know, I watch a lot of other folks do their jobs and think, "If I did that, they'd fire me" or "If I tried that, my parents would have my head on a platter". Most people don't have a CLUE how to give good customer service- but that's something as a teacher I strive to do.

All that, of course, feeds into teacher salaries- another ball game. My only thought- don't necessarily pay us all more, but pay us for what we DO. On merit. Like, bonuses or something. I haven't, of course, thought this one out. Also, pay more to those willing to work in failing schools. Like, $10K more. Bet they'd get some good teachers who would stay more than one year. Food for thought.

Only 9 more WUMs!

For those of us in the teaching world, the school year is coming to an end- however, the work is not. Don't ever think that teachers *truly* get 3 months off, because we don't. Most of us take about 3 weeks to download our brains of the past year's lessons, tragedies, blessings, excitements and disappointments...then we start planning, constructing, organizing, and mapping out the next. We can't help it, it's just who we are.

And I can tell I'm ready for a download. My fours are wild things more than ever, and the other day I turned out my lights (that USUALLY gets their attention) and said firmly, "Will you people please stop acting your age???" They all kinda looked at me.

Oh...what are WUMs?
Wake Up Mornings- only NINE to go! WOOHOO!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ok, here I go again...

Yes, I'm still here!
Let's just say- no, maybe I shouldn't...you've heard it before and you're experiencing it, too. Let's just move on.

So- I've decided that blogging is tedious work. Especially when you have so many other things *yelling* your name. Actually, it's the photo-posting for me that's the hard work. Mainly because I am a *slight* perfectionist (I heard you all gasp- very funny). So photos must BE the best and be LOOKING their best for me to post- and then the posting itself is difficult when you have a computer that would rather sleep (wouldn't we all??).

All that to say, I need an outlet for my stress, and YOU'RE IT. I'm going to start talking to you all about my life. I need to vent to someone other than my best friend (you know who you are- thanks, girl!) and my hubby. I talk to them too much, and frankly, I know that I am tiring to listen to sometimes. But thanks to you both, because I love you!

And maybe this is WHY I haven't typed- because I will probably go on and on and on and on and on...but maybe you all can be my sounding board and tell me when to shut up. See, I've rambled enough already.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone who's a mom...breath deep today...here are some things for you to ponder...

A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car forever after. ~Peter De Vries

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his. ~Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest, 1895

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." ~ Tenneva Jordan