Wednesday, December 24, 2008

memories of Christmas past...

I did my digital scrapbook pages for's so fun to look back at the memories. I have Christmas scrapbooks going back to 1990, our first Christmas.

I thought I'd share...what memories are you creating this Christmas Eve?


Greg and Kim said...

Those pages are beautiful! I totally want to look through all your digital scrapbooks one day. I feel like I'm going to make the jump in the next year or two to all digital...but I haven't yet. I've also loved all your Christmas posts so far. I'm seriously contemplating the yearly child ornament thing...I can't think of a good way to word that, but you know what I mean:).
Oh, and I read Larry's blog, and I think that 1/8 of a cow is an awesome Christmas present. Seriously, that is a lot of meat that you do not have to buy!

Whitney said...

What wonderful pages! Do you have everything scrapbooked? And do you do it all digitally? Also, what SLR do you use, if you use one?

It looks like you always have a wonderful holiday, I hope you did again this year too!

mnpolutta said...

I just wanted to let you know that you have the most uplifting, happy blog. I love to look at your pictures and read your thoughts. I always come away with a smile. You are gifted.

Love you,