Friday, December 12, 2008

happiness is friday...again!

Here I am, a week later. Hard to believe another week has gone by. It's been a stressful blur.

I stayed home from school yesterday and today. My stressed-out gut had had enough field trips and assemblies and stuff for one week. I've actually felt better this afternoon, so I've been sewing since I had the time and felt like sitting. (I'll show you soon what I made!)

Mary E had her last dance class yesterday, and as I watched her short dance performance, I realized that she really is a talented and beautiful young LADY. I mean, I KNEW that, but watching her made me realize she is really growing up...I just know I'm going to BAWL LIKE A BABY when she performs in April in "The Nightingale".

I also have to brag a bit on Jake-e, as we affectionately call him. He is SO SO very conscientious and organized for an 11 year old boy. Two examples-

I found a December calendar on the kitchen counter, with info for his Latin exam next week methodically laid out, day-by-day, so that he'd know what to study. I assumed his Latin teacher had made the students do that. "No, mom- I did it. I'm actually a day or so behind, but I wrote it out so I had less to do on the weekends, so I can catch up". WOW. Ok.

He was also supposed to go hunting last Saturday with his Uncle L. On Friday night, he informs me that he can not go because he has a project due on Monday and he has to finish it. If he goes hunting, he won't get it finished on time. WOW WOW. Ok!

He obviously does very well in school because of this, and better yet and unlike his mom, he's not a stressed-out-study-machine-everything-has-to-be-just-PERFECT. He's just very effficient. His future wife is going to LOVE it.

We have a basketball-filled weekend. And the boys have exams to study for. And I have to *try* (the operative word) to do some more Christmas shopping. I am also having lunch tomorrow with one of my bestest buds! And coach sal and I have a Christmas party to attend Saturday night.

Whew...enjoy your weekend! Happy Friday!


The Griffith Family said...

I have the perfect future wife for your organized son;)

bekster said...

They're good kids. :)

But, Christmas shopping... ugh! :( I need to take a lesson from Jacob and lay out a plan to get it all done. The time is just evaporating.