Friday, December 5, 2008

happiness is friday...

So, it's been quite a busy week. December seems to be that way. I try each day to capture every savory happiness bit of it that I can before it's gone. *blink*

This week at our humble abode...

* we watched Charlie Brown Christmas...but only once. That is not good.

* we watched eldest son play in his first JV basketball game. Yikes- when did he grow up???

* we learned that our youngest (and the only) daughter earned a lead role in the school musical, the little girl in Hans Christian Anderson's "The Nightingale". She was a little thrilled, we were a lot proud!

* I went with my Junior Girl Scout troop shopping for Toys for Tots/Pet Helpers at Target. Nothing like watching 7 young girls purchase $80 worth of gifts in about 15 minutes and being excited about giving them all away. Now THAT'S Christmas.

* we did laundry, shopped for groceries and some Christmas gifts, did homework, washed dishes, cooked dinner, went to bed too late and got up early. I'm sure you did the same.

We need a little Christmas now.

Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your blessings. Share a few.


Whitney said...

Tell your daughter Congratulations! That is so exciting! You did have a busy week, but I guess that comes with being a mama and it being the holiday season.

Some of my blessings are:
My husband
Being **this close** to graduating from college. I feel so blessed that I've been able to obtain an education!

The Griffith Family said...

I got chill bumps reading this post... Jaima played her first JV basketball game on Thurs. They got stomped but GIRL it was an awesome feeling walking in to a MS knowing my daughter was playing a sport there... so cool. And wow did it bring back some memories.
Seems like Dec is a busy month and it goes by so fast... too fast. But, the story about the girls shopping for Toy's for tots just made me stop and realize... TFS...
Have a blessed week next week.

Elyssa said...

Galapagos is #15 on my list! And I just know I'll go to Rome eventually, so it's not on my list :)
I'd totally go to the Galapagos with you! I think so PG ladies may be considering Wine Country! That one's on my list and I'm going to try to cross that one off next year, maybe March!