Monday, October 6, 2008

saturday thrifting...

I love LOVE to go and spend time alone browsing the shelves and racks of the local thrift stores. Key word: ALONE. It's my time for me, although most of the time I am thinking about my family and the things we need. It's a treasure hunt (I also love garage sales- I grew up on those things, thanks to my mom and Ms. Margaret, so it runs deep in my blood) and I come away feeling OH SO PROUD when I lay claim to a good deal!

So here's my most recent bounty:

I love all things vintage, and lately I've been on a 60's 70's vintage rampage. We needed some sandwich-sized plates, and these were too fun to pass up- who doesn't love Corelle? I got these five plates for $4.00.

If you are a little girl of the 70's and 80's, then you had one of these purses! Imagine how excited I was when I saw this purse (in great condition) with the cover for only .99! AND THEN imagine how excited I was when a lady came up and handed me a bag of four covers for the purse (she found the covers and realized I had the purse) for another .99! I couldn't wait for Mary E to see it and for me to tell her how Ms. Margaret made me covers for it...Ms. Margaret, btw, is my other-mother (we all have one of those, right?). I wonder if she still has the pattern?...HINT HINT...:o) The white cover is white eyelet- Mary E was very proud and carried it to worship on Sunday.

This is a purple satin Forever 21 blouse (so cute and young and go-out-on-a-date-night look)- it still had the tags on it ($19.99)- I paid $3.99! I wore it to my friend's 40th birthday celebration Saturday night with jeans, red flats, red jeweled hoops, and my hair in a bun. Smashing!

And do you not LOVE LOVE LOVE this $6.99 beauty??? A thick and warm lovely grass green pea coat (Old Navy) that fits like a glove! I can't wait until it gets cold now! And it's just calling for a cute pink scarf of some kind...hhmm...

I also bought a dark plum Izod cable knit cardigan (new with tags) for $5.99; a lightweight brown Ann Taylor loft sweater for $3.99; and a pair of look-like-new Ann Taylor Loft navy capris for $1.50.

I've done-good's sometimes hit-and-miss. Stay tuned for more goodies I'm sure to find in the future!

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Apron Thrift Girl said...

I love the purse and the covers but I so adore the green jacket from Old Navy. It is adorable.