Saturday, October 11, 2008

diary of a date night...

This is how my Friday date night with coach sal unfolded...

2:30 pm- children entertain themselves in the rain while we get ready.

2:55 pm- coach sal is ready before me...

3:00- ready except for my hair, which I must let air-dry... favorite scent...

...and my new green ballet flats.

3:20 pm- coach sal fills the gas tank, thankfully at a decent price for a change.

4:45 pm- coach sal has new loafers, thanks to a sale at the Bass store at Tanger Outlet and a coupon. Off to dinner!

6:15 pm- dinner at Outback is finishing up, and we take a quick photo of our friends...

6:17 pm- ...and they take one of us. Thankfully, they humor me and my camera.

6:30 pm- dinner at Outback was de-lish and we head out to our movie... the rain.

7:00 pm- the decor of the Regal cinema greets us.

7:05 pm- while our friends get the tickets, I catch a glimpse of the movie poster.

10:00 pm- with the movie over (it was so good, a tear-jerker) and our friends headed home, coach sal and I head to B&N to browse.

10:10 pm- coach sal waits on our coffee while I start to eat our dessert...warm from the oven. Yum.

10:30 pm- enjoying my coffee, I browse a few magazines and choose two to take home.

11:00 pm- coach sal and I retire for the evening.

The End...
of a very relaxing evening with my hubby.

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