Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Want to figure out who to vote for????......

Take this quiz and let me know...
A) who it says you should vote for and
B) who you were planning on voting for.

I'll post my own results soon...

Candidate QUIZ


Coach Sal said...

I was surprised to find that my score for McCain just edges out my score for Romney (40 to 37 points). I have said all along that either of them is an acceptable candidate to me, although I am beginning to think that McCain is the stronger candidate in the general election. I was far less surprised to find that Hillary and Obama are tied with only 8 points, way down the list.

Mary Jackson said...

I have been split between McCain and Romney. My quiz said I am most in agreement with Huckabee with Romney in 2nd and McCain in
3rd! Geez!!! Could it be any tougher??!! & BTW where are your POTWs???

Tommy said...

Huck - 41
McCain - 37
Romney - 35
Ron P - 27
Rudy - 25
Obama - 18

I voted for McCain...

bekster said...

Romney - 49
Huck - 44
McCain - 44
Rudy - 40
Ron Paul - 27
Edwards - 20
Kucinich - 14 (Who the heck is that?)
Clinton - 13
Obama - 13
Gravel - 3 (Never heard of him)

I voted for McCain because I think he would be the most likely to beat a Democrat.

C. S. Fox said...

Romney 70
Giuliani 63 Who knew?
McCain 48
Huchabee 38
Paul 24

And what's scary!
Obama 29
Edwards 27
Clinton 22

I can't believe I have anything in common with a Dem......

I am now going Romney

Born Blonde said...

Wow. Romney was a 36, Huckabee was a 35, and McCain was a 25.