Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I got our 2007 Storybook today!!! YAHOO! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Bad news- it has an ink mark smeared on one page, so I have to send it back so that they can send me another one. I posted a few pages for you to see!

Now, this picture below fits the POTW theme, but I took it last summer in Rome, Italy- I love how I was able to take such an AWESOME close-up of some writing from so long ago...not sure what the words ARE, but they are words!

I've got some more ideas, so hopefully more later...


Tommy said...

Wow, that looks awesome! Is something like that expensive to put together and have made? Becky and I never take pictures of anything and I am afraid one day we will regret it when we have kids who want to see what Mom and Dad were like "back then". It also seems like that would be a great thing for the family to do every year then they have a whole set to look back at and remember the things they did.

bekster said...

What's this? Tommy is leaving comments before I do? I'm not sure how to respond to that. (J/K) :)

Like he said, we very rarely take pictures. You should just follow us around all the time and take pictures for us.

I still think that picture of Mary in her swimsuit looks like you... or was it a picture of you that looks like Mary? I can't remember.

The Griffith Family said...

That's cool. Is this through Creative Memories? If not- where did you order it? Go to my family blog and check out my recent post and link to the Mt. Rainier trip. AMAZING!!!!!I ordered a book similar to this from Photoworks... I love it.

Greg said...

I LOVE that Storybook! You did such an awesome job. I plan to do a yearly album for our family, and I've contemplated doing one of those. Computer stuff intimidates me, though, so we'll see.

Mary Jackson said...

Love your storybook so much I started one last night of our trip across the US. I am also working on another for my hubby's 30th bday present. I hope he doesn't read your blog!
Also, that is a cool pic from Rome. Tell me where that is, cause I am going to copy it in March when WE GO!!!