Friday, January 11, 2008

The 101st thing about me...(beware, squeamish)...

Pulling teeth gives me the willies. Gross.

I teach little people and have three children, so don't get me wrong. I can handle blood, poop, snot, and throw-up (unlike coach sal, who will just stand outside the bathroom door when you're sick and ask you "do you need anything?", hoping that you'll be so *busy* you won't respond). I've had my fair share.

But nothing makes me more nauseous than people pulling teeth- their own or others. I'm getting a bit queasy just typing this.

It came to true realization on Thursday and Friday. Two pulled teeth Thursday. Two pulled teeth Friday. TOO much.

It started Thursday at lunch. (Like I said, gross.) We have a kindergarten teacher who is THE BOMB at pulling teeth, according to my first graders. So AS I'M FIXING MY LUNCH, one of my children runs up and says, "Look, Ms. S just pulled my tooth!" and shows me the *lovely* gapping hole in his mouth. LOVELY. Great. Ok, please go eat your lunch. (Did I just say EAT?!) No more than 5 minutes later and here comes another one. Ms. S strikes again. So I go find her- fixing her lunch.

I ask her what's the deal, pulling my children's teeth at lunch while I'm trying to eat? Her response- "I figured I'd pull yours, because I don't have to eat with them." Oh, GREAT, thanks. I'm not going to be eating with them either.

Move ahead to Friday morning. J. asks me can he pull out his tooth. Can you really do it, are you sure?, I ask. Yes. Ok, go ahead- but do it in the bathroom. He tries. But not hard enough. So Ms. T. (who appears to be Ms. S's sidekick, unbeknownest to me) comes over and tells him to TWIST IT. I about LOSE IT. TWIST IT? ARGH! As student E. is reading to me, I bury my head next to hers and tell her to read louder (she's giggling and asks me what's wrong) and they POP it out. And I am MAJOR nauseous. REALLY. I needed air. Ms. T thinks I am a *hoot* and I think I'm gonna be sick...

And yes, it gets BETTER. At the orthodontist that afternoon (poor Jacob now has an expander on his upper palette- blog for later date), Dr. C tells a young client to "go ahead and YANK that tooth out". Which she does. Right next to me. Lots of blood= not a problem. Her hand in her mouth twisting and yanking= BIG problem. Waves of nausea. I need to buy a surfboard.


I guess it comes with the territory. Little people need big teeth. I just wish it wasn't on my watch.


bekster said...

Y'know what gives me the willies is when body parts are bent backwards when they're not supposed to be, like when people are double-jointed or when they fold their eye-lids up... also with dogs when their ears are bent backwards. It just seems like it should hurt.

Teeth don't bother me (as long as they are SUPPOSED to be coming out)...

So what's the deal with Jacob?

Lori Fitzgerald said...

This is about the funniest thing I have ever read. I really never pegged you for a squeamish one...especially about something like teeth!

In our house, SH handles barf, I handle snot. At least that's the theory. Usually the boys come to me when they're barfing too, because SH can't hear I get the joy of that. And barf to me is teeth pulling to you.

Ah the joys of motherhood.

Angie said...

EEEWWW!! I'm right there with you. Even as a kid I remember letting my teeth dangle until they came out on their own because the thought of pulling them totally grossed me out. Chris is the tooth puller in our house, although Ashley seems to enjoy yanking her own out. I can stand in the OR and watch people's guts hanging out, but I get the heebie-jeebies when it comes to teeth, eyes, or kneecaps- I know that's really weird.

How's Jake doing with his expander?

C. S. Fox said...

Thank's Ann.
That was very informative....
A little TMI but informative.
As a guy I have found that none of this stuff get's to me.
Now as Nikki get's older the female stuff makes me turn & go the other direction.

Tommy said...

I don't like the fuzzy stuff left behind when you tear open something contained in a blister pack. I hate the feel of the seperated cardboard. I distinctly remember developing this peeve one Christmas when I received lots of little GI Joe men each one packaged individually in a blister pack. By the time I was done opening them all I couldn't stand the torn cardboard and still don't like it to this day.

Amber said...

it's a good thing you don't live with a dentist - all I ever hear about is teeth!