Friday, January 4, 2008

Miss you much...

I actually miss school. My colleagues, my routine. If it was summer, I'd probably be more content to be at home. But I really DO miss seeing everyone and doing what we do each day. We have fun together and we're good at what we do. :o)

I do not miss the crazy part of our family routine. Meaning, Monday night we have Girl Scouts; Tuesday night David has a bball game and I start my class at CoC; Wednesday David has bball game and we have church; Thursday Jacob has an orthodontist appt and guitar; and Friday we breathe! THAT I don't miss.

So we start back Monday- it's been a great holiday.

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Coach Sal said...

Routine is good. I miss it, too. But the best part of going to work for 10+ hours a day is coming home to you and the kids. And summer ROCKS!