Monday, December 12, 2011

update...{on dates three & four}

so, date three was to hubee d's.  never been before, heard it was good.  and it was!  then coach sal and i went to target and bought my dad a kindle for his 70th birthday.  {you are only 70 years old once.}

date four was to lessons and carols for our school.  it was not only a beautiful beginning to the christmas season, but all three of our children participated {david for the last time}.  i shed tears a few times for a few different reasons...

and then date four ended at hubee d's, ironically. this time with our three children.

lessons and carols, 2009

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Kim said...

Fun! I've never eaten at Hubee D's, but the Steeds, Wiggers, and Driscolls can't get enough of it!