Friday, December 9, 2011

date two...{and a wish list}

our second date of our twelve dates of christmas was to one of our favorite places...barnes and noble!  ever heard the saying, "not everyone who wanders is lost"?  well, yeah, that's coach sal and i in b&n.  we could wander for hours, yet we always seem to find each other to compare notes about our discoveries.  as i wandered this evening, i found so many marvelous things that made me smile that i took photos for you so you could see...

 the fisher-price music box record player!!!  i actually picked this up and hugged it...i had one!  did you??

 i think my brother would love teaches you how to speak wookiee by pushing the sound buttons for various situations, like socializing in the canteen or flying the millenium falcon.  very practical.

 my boys loved playmobil, and i'm diggin' the rv!  brought back some good memories from our xc trip in 2005...

with modern masterpieces you get to recreate artwork from picasso and other artists.  i love to color.

i have been wanting to read this book since discovering katie's website...

 ...and right next to katie's book was the other book i want to read!  so i read the first  moving.  this author has a wonderful writing style and a story to tell.

 i have found myself searching for better picture books that tell the christmas story, and this one is so so sweet.  a must have!

i am totally buying this book for my nephew!  as a teacher who is frustrated with all the technology our kids are plugged into, this book is hilarious and fun!  you "press" the yellow dot and turn the page to find something has changed and there are new directions...instant gratification and multimedia old style- a book!

 these hedgehog babies were rockin' the hair!

 christmas around the world, a pop-up book was so incredibly beautiful and intricate...

 yah yah!  christmas shrinky-dinks!  {i had those, too.  all good moms let their kids do shrinky-dinks.}

wreck the halls makes you laugh out loud in store.

 the harry potter sweet shoppe kit includes directions for making all the delicious delights from the harry potter books....

national geographic is amazing.  the photographs are a beautiful way to see a small part of God's glory.

have you found anything worth reading in b&n lately?


Kim said...

Glad you got the book. You will love it.

Okay, so let's see:

I thought chapter 1 of One Thousand Gifts was really moving, too.

I also adore National Geographic.

Luke and Anna's babysitter brought Song of the Stars to read to the kids while we we went on my birthday date. I thought it was really cute.

That book you're getting for Jonah looks cool.

And, no lie, Anna made shrinky dinks yesterday. Does that mean I'm a good mom?:)

Love you!

mnpolutta said...

One Thousand Gifts is one of my all-time favorites! I also enjoy reading Ann Voskamp's blog. And yes, I did have one of those record players. It's neat to see it in retro packaging.