Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the twelve dates of christmas...{or how to get time alone}...

so i read on this blog....rockstar diaries...about this fun idea called the twelve "dates" of christmas, where you and your significant other have twelve dates leading up to christmas.  i *love* that idea!  so coach sal and i are going to try it, and we are leaning toward finishing them up by epiphany, just to give us a bit more time.

so, our first date was to moe's, which is a pretty typical date for us.  we go there often on date nights because our children are not huge fans, but we are. 

we are going to try to come up with different ideas for each one, not always being food!  some ideas are...

* browse b&n
* drive around and look at christmas lights
* movies
* local play or concert
* coffee!

any other ideas for fun date nights?  especially *thrifty* ones?

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Alissa said...

People watching from a bench at the mall.
Go "park" somewhere...like you never did when you were young!
Go skating or bowling.
Go out to a "nice" restaurant and just order dessert and coffee.
Go to Target and search for the worst gift ideas for each other.