Saturday, December 17, 2011

twelve dates...{five and six and seven}

date five of twelve was a family date to sesame burgers on half-price burger night.  we all love that place.  it's hard to go and not take the kids with us.  {they'd be sad.}  then coach sal and i sent them home via david, the-child-who-can-drive, and we did a wee bit of christmas shopping.  alone.  aaahhh.

date six of twelve was to hash-out the rest of our christmas giving list without ears to hear we retreated to t-bonz {and used a gift certificate...bonus!} to talk and eat.  after some thinking and adding, we realized that we had enough b&n gift cards {given to use by generous students} to purchase a nook!  so off to b&n we went.  grand total we spent = $1.68.  awesomeness!  now we own a kindle and a nook.  summer and beach reading can not get here soon enough.

date seven was to adona and bill's card game christmas party.  we've been invited for many years but have never been able to attend until this year.  we played crazy poker with friends from our church and ate yummy food and did a white elephant gift exchange.  it was a nice way to end the school week and start our christmas vacation- hanging out with *big people*!

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Kim said...

Mmmm...I miss Sesame burgers. I liked the one with bleu cheese on it b/c I'm a weirdo (at least, according to Greg:)).

Also, I'm thinking that B&N gift cards are the best gift idea EVER. We were in there yesterday, and I just want to buy the whole store. Not only the books, but the great kids toys and games. I want to try them ALL out! It doesn't really fit into our desires to be frugal or to simplify, though...