Sunday, April 13, 2008


One book I read said to list the things that complicate your life. So I did that, in random order.

*DISCLAIMER*- if you see something related to you, please don't be offended. Remember, YOU are on my values list. *big SMILE*

chores- laundry, cleaning, errands (big family=big task)
school- activities (after school/weeknights/weekends), projects, tests, homework (for not only my children, but for Larry and I)

This list may continue to grow as life happens. I will compare this list to my values list and see what I can eliminate/rearrange/take less seriously. I know we try to limit our children to only one activity at a time; only more than one if they are on school campus.

What complicates your life? Any thoughts?


Courtney said...

I dont know that I wouldve said that internet, phone "complicate" my least in those terms. BUT, they do add a level of stress to my life. SO, I guess they DO complicate my life. Another thing, is my image of what I wish I was ..the 'together' person.

I could easily make a list of the things that make my life a little more stressful (thus complicated):

guilt (house not clean/organized enough..etc)
too much stuff
grocery shopping/menu planning (ugh)
managing money well (we know how, doing it is another matter sometimes!)
LAUNDRY (my nemesis)

I do really good in other areas - we do limit our away from home activities to only the things that are really important to us. Now, our kids are still easy in this department, for we must be in bed by 7pm :)

I love these little exercies..thanks for sharing!

Courtney said...

and the pets. They complicate my life too.

bekster said...

Reading this post and commenting right now is complicating my life... Ack! Becky, step AWAY from the Internet... !

Anonymous said...

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