Sunday, October 18, 2009


ok, here goes-

we've had a really nice weekend. the weather has been very cool. windows down all weekend. hangin'-and-sleepin'-in-cozy-pjs kind of weather.

i ran almost three miles outside on saturday morning.
we went downtown to the moonpie store on saturday. it was cute and fun and yummy. we got moonpies. and rc cola. and cheerwine. and ne-hi, grape AND peach. oh, i just remembered... my grape ne-hi is still in the fridge, yah me! i forgot to take photos while there, so i took some as we drove through downtown towards home. see above. we love our cool city.

the gamecocks lost, but put up a good fight.

we had a relaxing Lord's day. i had coach sal take a photo of me in my outfit. my sister and sister-in-law and i are thinking of starting a fashion blog. we all have different tastes in clothing and are crazy about finding good deals and rockin' the thrift. we need a catchy title for our blog. any thoughts? would you come and visit our blog?

speaking of thrift, i found the most awesomest coat at the thrift store this weekend. can't wait to wear it. see, if i had a fashion blog, i could show you. oh, and btw, my skirt, shoes, and jacket are also all thrifted. my tights, however, i had to go to seven, yes, SEVEN stores to find. and they cost more than anything else i have on in this outfit. that bugs me.

i really need to start a blog about what i wear, don't you think?

i barely have time to blog, what AM i thinking?



Kelli said...

You could incorporate your fashion finds and ideas into your current blog. Just an idea!! I love your coat... so chic!! Still wanting me some moonpies and RC! Have a great week!

P-Daddy said...

Thrice Thrifty.

Belles and Bows.

Nearly Used.

ok, that's all the crazy blog names I can brainstorm for now.

bekster said...

Relative Remix.

Family Fashion.

Yeah, I know, those aren't it...

I think it's okay, though, for the title to be somewhat random as long as the tags on the posts are frequently searched words. Some of the more famous fahion blogs I read have really quirky names that don't go with what they're about. I already have some good ideas for my entries if we actually do it...