Tuesday, October 6, 2009

back in the saddle...

well, i actually never got out, i just got...complacent. i'm not going to use the "lazy" word.

i watch the biggest loser. you'd think if they could do it, i could. but i was very content to run and walk at the gym. i was too tired. and it hurt. and i was doing SOMEthing, wasn't that good enough??

maybe it's the autumn air. i don't like running in the heat. maybe it was my friend kim who has met her goal of running 100 times in 2009. what?!?! i went back into my exercise log. i haven't even been to the GYM 100 times yet in 2009. sad, very sad.

but i have gotten the 5K bug again. time to run.

today i ran a 5K in the gym in about 37 minutes at an incline. that's good. especially since i've been complacent. and i'll be running a 5K on halloween.

and the biggie? i signed up for boot camp. my own home-grown version of the biggest loser, minus bob and jillian. but the complaining and groaning and moaning and dying will definitely be included.

tune in to see if i ride into the sunset...


Greg and Kim said...

Good for you! The autumn air has definitely helped me. I have this weird, "refuse to pay to exercise" thing, so when the temps are good, I am even more motivated to run around the neighborhood. Greg does not share my convictions, so we do have a Y membership, and he goes regularly. I would, too, but I don't want to leave the kids in childcare. Yes, I'm weird:).

But back to you. I am very, very impressed by the boot camp thing. Cathy Cook was trying to talk me into doing that thing they have at the church building, but it starts at 5:30 am, and that is just crazy talk:). You are way more disciplined than I am when it comes to boot camp! Good luck!

Greg and Kim said...

Oh, and I love how when you click on the link in your blog, my latest entry is an ode to Nestle Tollhouse cookies. Clearly, I'm the model of discipline.

janjanmom said...

Color me proud! U go girl!