Sunday, September 6, 2009


i'm not sure i'm going to ever get to blog again. or take pictures.

school has taken over our lives. again. *sigh*

we always seem to have a difficult time getting started back. we're all used to sleeping late and being leisurely, then WHAM, back into the briarpatch we are thrown.

but here's what we've managed to do lately...

* purchase two chinese dwarf hamsters, Nomi and Lily

* have a small fender-bender with our van and meet our next door neighbors all at the same time (no worries, nationwide is on our side)

* have a head cold that won't go away

* watch the gamecock football opener

so there we are. it's september.


Kelli said...

Sorry about the fender-bender!! Glad you're all okay. I had the same head cold that lasted 3 weeks. Awful crud!! Getting back into the swing of school is soooo hard. Praying for ya!!

horbits said...

I hope you have better luck with the critters than my friend did. Soon after she got her 2 females, there were many, many more critters. In a few more weeks, there were even more babies...Oops! One of those girls was a boy!