Wednesday, September 23, 2009

double rainbow...

isn't that so cool???

looks like it was made just for us. but if you go on facebook, the uploaded photos from all my friends show that it was made for everyone, for the two rainbows were over homes and buildings and interstates all over the city.

kinda gives you an understanding of how God works...

all places, all the time, all people. and we think He's just there with us.



Tommy said...

I saw it too, it was great!

Kelli said...

Beautiful reminder of how great God is!!

Greg and Kim said...


But girl, I'm starting to get worried about your Project 365. YOU CAN DO IT, ANN!!:)

September has been a killer for me, in terms of motivation. I'm still doing the daily pic, but by this point, things are feeling a bit repetitive.

When we are done though, we will be so glad that we did it! Keep it up, friend:).