Friday, April 24, 2009

a lot of random thoughts and no photos...


* why is it that i sit up late when i'm tired and should go to bed?

* i need new nail polish...for my toes...a good shade of pink

* my hair is ringlet-curly tonight because i washed it but didn't dry it

* my brain realizes when its friday and i feel different...more optimistic

* there are only 21 days left of school. yah for summer. and yikes, i have a lot to do in the next 21 days with my students...

* i want a new bible..bad. i want it to have note space in the margins- any suggestions?

* i am hooked right now on Third Day's song "eagle"

* i bought a new pair of shoes tonight, but i'm taking them back tomorrow

* i love shoes.

* i walked the bridge today. the weather was beautiful. photos later.

* so many people i know need prayers right now. i've been praying a lot.

* we are studying prayer on sundays. i've been thinking about prayer. does God think i ramble? why do i feel like i say the same things over and over? am i passionate enough? am i talking with God or to God? mckmama has some good thoughts on prayer. here. and here. she also needs our prayers.

* i am very thankful for blessings. big. small. daily.

* i am so thankful i have a do-nothing day tomorrow.

sleep, here i come. brain is dumped.


Judi said...

Your thought process is like mine!! Random wanderings here and there! :) Have a great do-nothing day today...

Whitney said...

ditto on the first one! why is that?!

Amy said...

i teach preschool too. and i totally know what you mean by your "brain is dumped." hope your do-nothing day was lovely. very cute blog.