Tuesday, April 7, 2009


David LOVES key lime pie.

He fell in love when I bought a SubLime pie last year...then he and I started taste-testing key lime pie when we went out to eat to see how they compared to SubLime. None did. Not even close. (And btw, it was a great ploy to get dessert...yum.)
Then I found a recipe at Real Simple magazine, and we started making our own, which we liked as a close second to SubLime.
For his birthday, he said, "Hey, let's get SubLime!" Guess what? They closed!
So we decided to try Costco's key lime pie...and it's good. But not as good as our homemade one. And not as good as SubLime.
Oh, SubLime, we miss you!
Side note: He had field day at school, that's why he's green. And this summer we are going to the Florida coast for a week, and he and I have decided we shall search out key lime pie while we are there. So stay tuned.

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