Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Ok, this is bad. I took no photos of David today on his birthday. He wouldn't let me.
So...I will contimue with Tuesday, April 7th. Not only did we get key lime pie at Costco, but I bought Mary E flowers...because she had a principal role in the lower school production of "The Nightingale"!
She was the little girl, and she was SO PERFECT! When she sang out her solos, and I heard her teeny tiny voice, I CRIED! She was just dainty and lovely and sweet. She never dropped a line, and she sang at the evening performance with a cough and runny nose. We were crazy-proud of her, as were her teachers and the other parents- everyone was amazed at her talent!
She was the only fourth grade student to have a lead role (the others were fifth graders). She said she didn't expect to get the part when she tried out- she tried out "for fun"!

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Judi said...

Happy Birthday David! Congratulations Mary E!!!