Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is Mary Elizabeth with Buddy now. She nicknamed him "Buddy-dog" when he first came to us. She's the one who will give him tummy rubs, even when he stinks and needs a bath!

Buddy is almost 14 people years (98 dog years). He's been having lots of trouble with his hind legs for a year now, to the point that we have to carry him in and out. The last few weeks we've even heard him whining for help to stand up to get water and food. He's still a very happy dog, but we realize that when we leave during the day he doesn't move anymore. We've decided to out him down tomorrow...we've cried buckets of tears about it and given him lots of loving tonight.
He's driven me CRAZY (especially his dog hair all over the floor and furniture), but I'm sure gonna miss him...

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