Monday, February 23, 2009


This is Mary Elizabeth with him on that first are some memories...
* He loved to chase tennis balls and would scramble all over the place trying to get to one you threw. He could also jump and catch them mid-air.
* He went balistic when someone came to the door, which made him look and sound like a guard dog. In truth, he just wanted to wag his tail all over you and sniff you to death.
* That said, he was very territorial of us and did NOT like other dogs coming around. We could not walk him, because if another dog came into view, he'd take off! One time he got out of the yard and terrorized a small white fluffy dog down the street by sitting over him and growling onto his neck- but he never bit him. He just liked to LOOK big, bad, and mean.
* He HATED thunderstorms. He'd pee on the floor and tear stuff up if we weren't at home. There were quite a few times when we almost got rid of him because of this problem.
* He never came upstairs- unless it thunderstormed. Then he'd pee on the landing at the top.
* Sometimes he'd get into the bathtub when it stormed.
* He loved to ride in the van. He'd sit and look out all happy and excited.
* Mary Elizabeth was only one year old when he came to live with us, and he'd let her sit and lay all over him. He really loved people.
* Mary Elizabeth was also the only person he'd drop the tennis ball for- the rest of us had to fight him for it!

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