Thursday, March 27, 2008

Time for Sublime...

What you see below is the most WONDERful pink and green box in Charleston...SUBLIME Key Lime Pie!

NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING is as good as a Key Lime Pie from Sublime! (Well, except maybe Sublime's Key Lime CHEESECAKE! Yikes-a-roosie!) It has THE kick, THE bite, that makes key lime key lime- tart and creamy- yummo!

I discovered Sublime when I received two small 4" pies for Christmas from one of my students. Since then, David and I have been on the hunt for Key Lime pie- every time we eat out, we save room for dessert! But I decided that nothing is good as I went and GOT ONE TODAY to share tonight with friends who are coming over to have dinner with us.

And yes, I already had a *sliver* tastes like summer is around the corner...*sigh*...

PERFECTION all tied up in my favorite colors!!!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Okay, I can actually feel my mouth watering. I'm making plans to crash your dinner party. I may have to look up these sublime people!