Saturday, March 22, 2008

Busy day...

Today we took the opportunity to do some *spring cleaning* before my family came over for a cookout and egg hunt. I love it when everything is dusted, vac'ed, and smelling fresh...I get to enjoy it for a grand total of about 24 hours before it *magically* disappears.

I finally framed some postcards and a watercolor that we got last summer while in Italy, and I hung them in our bedroom. I love how they turned out, especially since I framed them on the *cheap* with frames from Walmart (which, BTW, I went into last night for the first time in WEEKS...and I remembered why...). The three small frames were only .25 each!!! I thought they were $2.00/each, but SURPRISE! I love that part.

We also decided to go look at a 02 Honda Odyssey (for those who haven't heard, we finally blew a head gasket on Larry's 93 Lumina) that we saw in the paper for an AWESOME price (private owner)...and it was in great shape! Pending our mechanic's inspection, we're buying it! I'm so excited that we'll have TWO VANS! For all you moms out there- the bigger the kiddos get, the more stuff and friends you haul. I'm also excited because I think we'll be able to get us all to camp this summer in two cars instead of three! Yahoo!

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Cryssy said...

It doesn't seem right that all these kids are so big and so old. Wasn't just yesterday that Jonah was born??? And the day before that when ours were only two foot tall??