Monday, February 25, 2008


Here's wassup in the Life of the Salleys...

* David's basketball season for 08 is officially over. His team lost in the second round of playoffs. I will really miss watching him play, he's a great point guard and ball handler. He does, however, make a nervous wreck out of me at games because I get so anxious for him! He was asked to play on a private team who needed a point guard, but money and time restraints kept us from saying yes. It looks like he'll be starting soccer now, because we all know he can't sit still for long...sports are in his blood.

* Jacob is going to be an football announcer in an upcoming play ON his birthday in March! They liked his voice- like father, like son???

* Mary Elizabeth has been selling Girl Scout Cookies like crazy AND wanting to start ballet again! Not sure about that right now, but maybe a summer camp. She also wants to cheer and go to the American Girl Doll store for her birthday. She's so girly-girl.

* Speaking of which, I just finished reading Dr. Leonard Sax's Why Gender Matters. If you are a parent or a teacher, you should read this book. It's VERY interesting. He's coming to speak at our school in April, so I had to check him out. He's got some good things to say about how boys and girls learn differently.

* Larry is in track season, which lasts until end April. That's his life right now.

* I hired a personal trainer at the gym. I need a change and hopefully the things I've learned so far will help. I've got three one-hour sessions. I'm trying to lower my BMI a bit and convert fat to muscle.

* We are in the planning stages of Palmetto Bible Camp. We're *hashing* out the theme, Pursue Discipleship. We love camp and can't WAIT for June! Please pray for it.

* Larry and I had a 24 hour rendevous a few weekends ago. We spent the day shopping, went to dinner at CA Dreaming with some of our bestest couple friends from church, and spent the night out. Relaxing and fun!

* We are thinking about going to Disney this summer with our extra tax refund we'll get in May. We're hoping to go with some friends of ours from school for about a week- they have a condo we can all stay in, so it would help the trip to be more relaxing because we wouldn't have to rush. We've only been to the Magic Kingdom one time with the kids for 2 days, in the fall of 2004.

More later!


Mary Jackson said...

WOW!! You sound sooo busy! I really hope the Disney trip works out. A little magic is always fun! Bible camp sounds like it will have a cool theme. good for you with the PT @ the gym. I might soon be following your footsteps, I need some accountability!

Mary Jackson said...

Oh and where did y;all stay while in Rome? I am looking for a good hotel and the places we want are all booked.

Lauren-Michaele said...

Hey, who is training you up at ESAC?! I just started my diet this week. I've got to lose 15 pounds and I also am trying to lower my body fat. Did they give you any nutrition advice? if ya got any questions just holler.