Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Questions needing answers...

If you have any tips or ideas to these questions, please chime in!

1. I have trouble getting good light in my house at the times of the day that I need it. I get light coming in the back of the house in the morning, over the house at noon, and in the front of the house at day's end. Camera-crazies out there...any tips on the best ways to use natural light? Also, how to get those AWEsome catchlights, especially in a deep brown eyed child??

2. Speaking of cameras...I want a new one! I really think I want either a Canon or Nikon- it needs to have adjustable white balance and a high ISO, say 1600. And I really can't spend more than MAYbe $500? Golly, Larry would die if he heard that! I'm moving from the P&S mode to the manual- I need a camera with more than P&S capabilities, but NOT ready for complete manual! I actually like to shoot in aperture mode. Any thoughts?

3. I need new makeup! I think my skin is aging; it's always SO oily and I have large pores; I tend to have occasional breakouts (no more hormones controlling my system); and it looks so tired and BLAH by the day's end. I want a good cleanser and a good foundation/powder- I want a matte finish. What do you like and NOT like? I'm willing to pay IF it works!

All for now...


Mary Jackson said...

Here are my thoughts:

1) I use a 5-in-1 reflector. The silver gives me great catchlights even when the light is not coming directly in. Caleb has dark brown eyes and I have been working on this. I will post some of my results soon. The other uses in a reflector help with diffusing too much light, giving nice skin tones and etc. I love it.

2) I am a camera snob so I say get a canon. It is worth every penny. John Sullivan can probably find a good used digital rebel. I would definitely think about used cause you can get more for the money. Just be careful who you are buying from. Some cameras can have over 10-20K shots already taken. I love the canon cameras, the rebel has all the capabilities you mentioned plus more as you want more. Plus you can find a great used one for around 500.

3) look into MD Forte facial cleanser. I buy mine at SkincareRx.com A dermatologist recommended it to me cause I too have oily skin and was having breakouts, and this is great. It is not over drying cause it does not have salisylic (sp?) acid. It has glycolic acid which is better for oily skin. It cleanses without over-drying. I have also found this great lotion that the same dermatologist recommended and it is called ultra light moisture dew by Derma topix. I hated wearing moisturizer in SC cause it is so humid and it would just feel like slime on my face, but this stuff is great. It absorbs fast, is natural, and is cheap like $10. This actually helped with my oil trouble. This dermatologist that suggested this stuff I actually saw in SC. I use the shaklee a.m. repair. It is all natural vitamins, is light, and does not make me oilier. I also use Active-C for my anti-wrinkle eye treatment. I have sensitive eyes and this does not bother me in the least. For moisture for the eye area I use Mary Kay's anti aging cream for eyes. I have large pores on my nose and with makeup I would get oily in about 5 minutes. I tried everything, Mary Kay, Clinique, Lancome, Cover girl, Mac, you name it I tried. I LOVE LOVE LOVE bare minerals. It takes so little for good coverage. I bought mine in October and still have over half a container and I am using almost everyday. It is not heavy and it does not make me oilier. I have noticed that my pores on my nose are getting smaller. Brandi turned me on to this stuff so talk with her too. I have replaced all my makeup with bare minerals, except my mascara and eyeliner. I have searched for years, maybe more like a decade for something to make my skin look and feel healthy and is actually healthy for my skin. Most of this stuff is all natural without extra oils, cleansers, chemicals, and stuff that makes me break out and get oily. On top of all this I want a skin care regimen and makeup that is FAST! I am not going to spend a ton of time in the mirror. I can wash my face at night w/moisturization and all the anti aging goods in about 3 min and makeup takes me 7min tops, 10min if I am going on a date with Kev. Hope this helps!

Lori Fitzgerald said...

I have no comments on anything, except to say I want your old camera! :-)

The Griffith Family said...

Hey ANN... i say go with Canon and I'd sell you mine but I've been told to have a second back-up camera so I think I need to hang on to it although it collects dust. I have the same problems with my skin as you and Mary describe so I'm still searching... I think I'm gonna go with Mary's suggestions and give those products a try.... as far as question number 1... the reflectors do work- I need one but sometimes you just can't help that the natural light isn't there. Catch lights are hard to catch but it can be done with and w/o the reflector. The glass on the front of a camera helps a lot too!
Good luck.

Courtney said...

Ann, I dont have alot of input the other two, but I thought I would put a plug in for Arbonne.

Its natural, feels great on my face and I could tell a difference right away.

Its pricey, but if you "sign up" you get 30% plus a pick of ANY product int eh catalog for free if you ever spend over $100.

I gotta name if you want it, she can hook you up with a couple weeks worth of samples before you spend the money :)

Angie said...

Our houses are laid out very similarly, and I have the exact same issue. The girls have green/blue eyes, so they are a little easier- although I have noticed that if I have them lie down on the floor close the window in the afternoon light, I get better catchlights. Of course thats great for "playing" but not very practical. Not to mention the fact that my kids aren't exactly fighting over who gets to pose next. Aaron has the super-dark eyes that are the biggest challenge. I found that the best place to get catchlights on him is in the van. Again, not very practical, though, unless you plan to rip all the seats out and become a traveling studio. I'll e-mail you a few of my "car shots." I'm so going to look into Mary's suggestion about the reflector- and the make-up. Some days I feel like my face is so shiny I could use IT as a reflector. That Mary is one smart chick.

DK said...

Ann, check out http://www.dpreview.com/ for some good info. They have through reviews of (sometimes TOO in depth) and sample images. I spent HOURS looking at sample images before buying my last camera.

Personally, I'd recommend that you stay away from "entry level" SLRs like the Rebel and the Nikon D40. These lack some of the features found in the higher level bodies. While you might not use or need those features now, you'll grow into them quickly when you have them at your disposal. Also, the entry levels tend to be constructed cheaply.

You can easily find a Canon 20d or Nikon D50 or D70 in your price range on ebay. You can get also get a new Sony a100 with a lens for about $500 now that the a700 is out. Used ones might start showing up some too since there is a newer model.

Almost forgot, these guys:
sell used stuff at great prices. Their rating system is really good too. Most stuff they say is excellent looks brand new and stuff they call "bargin" looks better than most other seller's excellent stuff.

Ann said...

Thank you all!

Amber said...

I know it's been awhile, but I have to add my two cents...

1) No clue! :)

2) I love our Cannon Rebel Xti!

3) Definitely try Philosophy. It's a little pricey but it lasts forever and it actually makes your face feel clean - what a concept!

See you at camp!