Sunday, December 9, 2007

Day Six...

...was actually Saturday. We had Larry's 20th high school reunion last night (yes, you read that number right) so I was so busy getting ready (ie, shopping) that I didn't get to take pictures.

I must say, after watching the work that's been done over the past week, I have a greater appreciation for the fact that God REALLY DOES give us individual talents- and mine will never be electrical, plumbing, and renovation work. YIKES. They have done things in that room this week that makes my mind boggled. And to see the transformation is also amazing!

Today he worked on the pantry cabinets and getting the surround for the fridge. We are biting the bullet and getting a cabinet-depth fridge. We hadn't planned on it, but we realized the walking space here needs to be as open as possible.

More work on Monday- and they are AHEAD of schedule! YAH!

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