Friday, December 7, 2007

Day Five...

Today we got CABINETS! Not all of them, but most! And they are coming back on Saturday to put in the rest- I'm so excited!!! They look GREAT!

We went with this company because they gave us a great deal on some higher-end cabinets that had been ordered for another customer but she didn't like them. I did! But today I got to really see them up-close and personal...I got to open the doors on them, and boy, are they cool inside! I've got pull-out drawers and lazy susans and SPACE. The island is a lot longer than I imagined it woud be. I also love the maple color, and the glaze that fills in the spaces on the doors.

I've attached some close-ups- come back tomorrow night to see them ALL in place!

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Angie said...

We love your cabinets! Can't wait to see it with the countertops.