Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day Four...

Today they laid down the plywood for the floor; finished the electrical (David's room has LIGHT); and spackled the walls and ceiling. They are working on fixing the water line/door problem. Tomorrow they will primer coat the walls and ceiling and MAAYYBE start putting in cabinets!! FUN! I picked the wall/ceiling color today- Waverly Home Natural (VERY light taupe).

We are starting to feel the *squeeze* in our space, but we are hanging in there. Poor Buddy, our dog, has been so out-of-sorts that he's been living OUTSIDE. Day AND night. In the cold. I think he's so tired of us stepping around and over him that he'd rather not be in here.

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bekster said...

Seems like they are really moving on this thing. We may have Salley kitchen hot-dogs after all. :)