Friday, June 1, 2007

I stumbled across through someone else's blog-

Short version- Ethan is 6 months old and was diagnosed with leukemia at 8 weeks old, with only a 15% chance for survival. He has been at St Jude's since (112 days). He has had a rough road, and today as they checked his blood for leukemia, hoping for 0-25%, it showed 78%.

His parents are members at the University CofC in Louisiana. They are DESPERATE for prayers RIGHT NOW. They may do ONE more round of chemo and check again in 2 weeks- if no change...the doctors say they will be done.

I BEG YOU to read their updates on their website AND PASS THE WORD!

You will be moved by their faith...


Angie said...

I'm following and praying daily, and I second your plea 100%! I am so moved and encouraged by the faith of his family.

Anonymous said...

I have followed Ethan's journey since you told us about him in Sunday School a couple of weeks ago. We talked about "praying without ceasing" awhile back and I have been doing that for this small baby, Adam, and Coleman. Let's keep on with our constant prayers and tell all those we meet about this very special child of God. I am so glad you shared his story. MOM2