Friday, June 8, 2007

Finally! (in more ways than one...)

Well, I finally am able to POST! Dumb blogger hasn't let me sign in for days now- wassup with THAT?!?!

Also- I HAVE TWO MORE JOB INTERVIEWS!!! Which is AWESOME! The possible hard part? More than one offer! ARGH! I told God to put me where He wants me- doesn't He realize that I'm already spread too thin?

But, back to the is at my children's school, which would be great in terms of us all being together as a family. With the other interview, I could possibly be teaching 3rd grade with our minister's wife, which would be WAY awesome! And there is still a possibility that the first interview I had will come up with a position for me. SO...which one, Lord???

I'm praying that God opens ONE door. Just one. I really don't want to have to choose, they'd all be great. And I'm afraid that I might choose the wrong one. So I'm praying too that God grants me PEACE about whatever decision I might have to make.

Oh- and no offers yet...but all three talk to me as if I already have a job, so that's why I'm starting to feel a wee bit anxious. Please pray for me!

And pray for us all as we head to camp this Saturday...we will be gone for a week. Pray for safety and health- thanks!

"See" you soon!

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