Saturday, September 24, 2011

9 on 98...

today i rid myself of...
6 more articles of clothing
2 tote bags
1 pile of 11 necklaces (if i count each one, i'd be to 100 by next i will challenge myself)

and today, two of the three children joined in!  jacob was serious and handed me a box of 50 items.  he will get paid slowly but surely.  and mary elizabeth rid herself of 26 items and a ton of trash.  she kept remarking about how *clean* her room looked...and we aren't finished yet!

* as we threw away all the trash in mary elizabeth's room, it reminded me about how important it is to keep paper out of your house.  i actually stand in the garage by the trash can and recycling bin and go through the mail each day before i walk in the house.  easy.

ttd...19 items and's it going for you?

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