Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 on day 100...

tonight i rid myself of....
* 7 articles of clothing
* 3 purses
in all of about 30 seconds.

i literally thought quick and grabbed out items that i have not worn all summer.  if i didn't wear it this summer, chances are i won't wear it a year from now.

here are some other ideas for purging clothing that i have tried...
* project 333...i wore 30 items of clothing for 30 days back in january.  it really worked!  it not only helped me rid my closet of unworn clothing (i must have cleaned out about 30+ items, which is really embarassing to admit), it helped me to determine what colors i like and wear (and now i only buy items in that color scheme, so most everything in my closet coordinates).
* put everything on white hangers.  as you wash and wear, use a colored hanger.  then after a month or two you can see what you are not wearing.  or, you can flip the hanger backwards as you wear items- then purge items on hangers facing inward (does that make sense??)
* wear items of clothing only once during a two week period and then set aside.  at the end of the two weeks, see what's still in the closet and purge (because you have already worn and set aside your favorite 14 outfits/articles of clothing).

what have you tried to help you purge?  or to NOT add more to your closet?

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