Thursday, September 30, 2010

i've been tagged...

good evening!

michele over at imperfectly wonderful world tagged me to answer some really fun questions...get ready, here we go!

1. how did you meet your husband? he bagged my mother's groceries on fridays at the grocery store. he was 17, i was 15. he tried to talk to me, but i was very quiet and shy. after about 6 months, he spotted me one day while i was working at the library and talked to me for about an hour. i then realized that i actually kinda liked him (i know, i'm slow...). he called and asked me out a few days later and 4 years of dating and 20 years of marriage later, here we are!

2. if you could splurge on something for yourself, what would it be? right now i really want a keurig coffee maker (LOOVE those cute little coffee choice things!), a new small camera (mine is slowly dying), and then i guess next on my list is a 10 day cruise from san paulo!!!

3. are you a morning person or a night owl? oh, night owl for sure!!

4. what's your favorite tv show? what not to wear (so sad it's gone right now!) and the biggest loser.

5. what's your least favorite chore? can i say ALL of them??? :o) my husband and i decided we are neat people (we like to organize and pick up), but we hate to clean. ugh.

6. what is your favorite bible story? when i think of stories in the bible that inspire me and give me hope, david and paul are awesome. an adulterer and a murderer...and as paul said so well, "but God had mercy on me so that Christ Jesus could use me as a prime example of His great patience with even the worst sinners. then others will realize that they, too, can believe in Him and receive eternal life" (1 timothy 1:16) now THAT is real hope! at this point in my life right now, i also relate well to esther....for such a time as this. she demonstrated her incredible faith in God and did not let her fear keep her from doing His will. LOVE it. and of course, the gospel story is THE story of all time...the best story in the bible!!!

7. what is your favorite comfort food? a starbucks coffee helps a lot. i like food, but i don't really have one that i run to. i guess a comfort for a weary mom can be any kind of takeout...i take comfort sometimes in not having to cook!

8. list the top 5 places you would visit or revisit. i've been to rome, italy and nyc, and i would LOOOVE to go back or better yet, live there! i also would love to visit turkey and greece. any remote deserted island surrounded by crystal clear water and beautiful sunsets would suffice as my fifth choice!

so there you are...a peek at me! thanks, michele!


Michele said...

Ann, thanks for playing along! It's so much fun to get to know you better. I really look up to you since you are just a little ahead of me in raising a family. Great answers :)

The King and I said...

Ann--That is one of the cutest "How I met my husband" stories ever! I love it! :)