Wednesday, June 2, 2010

summer's here...

and i am going to be sure i keep track of how i spend it.

it's going to go by...i don't want to wonder what did i do with it?

on may 31st we celebrated the holiday at a cookout at tommy and becky's.

on june 1st, i helped becky learn how to coupon and grocery shop (in the pouring rain). i also saw erica and jonah's new home.

today i took david to renew his driver's permit. i took mary e to cut her hair for locks of love (it looks so cute in a short asymetrical bob!). i cleaned and organized my bedroom and closet. and i saw shrek forever after (funny!) with coach sal and jacob.

what else is in store?...

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Kelli said...

Awww, glorious summer! So eager to welcome its many pleasures!! Enjoy your time!!! PBC super week is next week, huh? Will you be there? We're doing mini-camp again this year. One day we'll join you!