Saturday, June 5, 2010

saturday night's all right...


we went to my nephew's 12th birthday party. some of us bowled.

i went to the grocery store and bought $129 worth of groceries for $53. {insert yahOOO!}

i continued my quest for photo organization. and looked at some old photos and brought back some sweet memories.

coach sal and i had a date night. we went to chick-fil-a and i tried the new spicy chicken sandwich. wowza. then we went to look for new tevas for camp but the fire alarm went off in the store and we all had to leave. exciting date night, eh??

i ate a box of lilly pulitzer animal crackers (the box was way cute, the crackers still look the same) while i waited on jacob to return from the bare naked ladies concert. he said it was loud. he proved it when he played back what he recorded on his phone. ouch.

and i didn't take a single photo. but i have the memories.

goodnight john boy!

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Kath said...

We've had our share of "Taco Bell supper and a stroll through Lowe's" date nights. Hey, a date is a date. Sad news....for us anyway...we are going to Nashville next weekend and Sean is bringing Britt to camp so we may not cross pathes.... We'll look for you at the closing ceremony. Have a great week!!!!! K