Friday, January 1, 2010

reading lit a fire...

i discovered the bloom book club a week ago. i went and purchased their first book...

crazy love by francis chan. and it was eye-opening.

God is awesome. really really awesome. and crazy-in-love with us.
i am lukewarm. i am serving Him leftovers.
the greatest commandments? to love God. to love others. every day. every way.
i desire to be in love and obsessed. i need to live for Him and nothing else.

you have to read this book. it will fire you up and motivate you to live for Him in a whole new way. the way that we need to...fully and wholly.

check out this article i found about the author at christianity today.
can you tell i'm excited? i can't wait to see what 2010 brings and what i can do for Him and others this year...

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mnpolutta said...

Because of your post, I've reserved the book through our library. Looking forward to reading it soon. Happy New Year!