Saturday, August 1, 2009

happiness is...

i received this lovely sweet locket necklace from coach sal for an early anniversary gift...
i found it on etsy at birdzNbeez...there are so many beautiful pieces there, it was hard to decide!

we will be married for nineteen years on tuesday (yes, we were VERY young...for real!!) are some things about us that make me happy...

happiness with coach sal is...

1. sleeping like matched spoons at night
2. his warm feet
3. when he manages our family...finances, kids, AND dishes!
4. how he looks when he's dressed up...:o)
5. his smile and blue eyes
6. when he talks about politics and it makes sense (he should run for president, except I have no desire to be first lady)
7. when he lets me have time for me
8. when he tells me how great i look
9. when he tells me he loves me
10. being married forever to the only man i've ever kissed

updated...a few more...
11. when he smells fresh and clean (and I nuzzle his neck)
12. his recently-shaven face

{love you always and all ways, babe...}


Kelli said...

Lovely post!! Congrats on 19 years. Today is our 17 anniversary! I second your happy list!! BTW, love, love the necklace.

Emily said...

ann! i love the necklace1 it must have arrived??