Tuesday, August 25, 2009

back to work, back to school...

we've gone back to work and school. it's so hard to look at my photos of the bahamas and not wish i was somewhere else....*sigh*...
this past week was spent trying to settle my family into the routine. i also spent the past week creating my classroom, from no-furniture last monday to completed-classroom-with-all-the-trimmings on friday and school-started-for-my-kindergartners on monday this week. whew.
(can i say that again? please? thank you.)
tonight i managed to go to the gym and then go buy groceries. and brownies.
that shows you how tired i am. NO will-power.
but who needs will-power when you have brownies?
besides, i go to the gym so i can eat brownies. don't you?

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Kelli said...

Yes, exercise is my excuse to eat sinful food!!! Hope the school year gets off to a great start with your own kids and the ones you teach!!