Sunday, July 26, 2009

"twelve spies went into Canaan's Land..."

"...ten were bad and two were good,
and what they saw in Canaan's land,
ten were bad and two were good.
some saw giants big and strong,
some saw grapes in clusters long, (btw, you can see the GIGANTIC grapes on the floor in the third photo),
some saw GOD was in it all,
ten were bad and two were good..."
sing that ten times FAST.
you have now begun a week of VBS, JOSHUA!
in tomorrow night's skit, i am RAHAB.
check back, you won't want to miss this.
think miss hannegan from "Annie".


Kelli said...

Looks like sooo much fun! Can't wait to see the actress! Chloe and I just got back from PBC's mini-camp. Her first experience and she enjoyed it!!!

Mary J said...

Wish our church had VBS... :( Maybe one day we will be back in SC.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! We are studying the book of Joshua in my Bible study right now. Have a great VBS week!!

Whitney said...

Rahab? Wasn't she a harlot? ** SCANDALOUS SIGH EMITTED** Am I thinking of the right woman?

That looks like so much fun? So is this outside of a typical Sunday worship services?